Andrew's PC Repair

Seward, NE


Software Issues?

Have a program that won't install correctly? Or you can't uninstall a program? I can help with that!.

Hardware Issues?

Need to install a new video card? Power supply? Motherboard? I got you covered!

Got a virus?  Malware?

I can remove these pesky irritants for you and make your computer happy again.

Network issues?

Are you having issues with your wired or wireless network? Need to connect a printer or other device(s) to your Wi-Fi? I got you covered!

Custom PC Builds

Do you want to have the ultimate gaming computer? I can build that for you!

Do you need a PC for everyday e-mail and internet research? I can build that too!

Computer repair with a friendly face!

And affordable to boot!

I offer my services to all of Seward & Lancaster counties in Nebraska!

Official Member of the Seward, NE Chamber of Commerce!